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Lifesaving News

Manitoba Drowning Report 2016 Edition Released

The Lifesaving Society and the Drowning Prevention Research Centre have released the Manitoba Drowning Report 2016 Edition.

The most recent data available from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Manitoba reveals that the drowning death rate has remained steady in 2013. After a surge in drowning deaths in 2011 (40), 2012 and 2013 saw a 50% decrease in the number of water-related fatalities (20), and a return to a more typical death rate of 1.6 per 100,000 population.

Download the Manitoba Drowning Report 2016 Edition

Cold Water Immersion Workshops

2016course_csbc The Canadian Safe Boating Council will be hosting a 2-day Cold Water Rescue Instructors’ Workshop. Topics include mechanism of heat loss, thermal protecting realities, triage of the hypothermic victim, extraction techniques, re-warming, packaging for transport, and more. The Instructors’ Course will provide the tools needed to successfully teach first responders the proper rescue and re-warming techniques necessary to help save lives. The workshop has been postponed until October.

The course will be taught by Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht. Visit csbc.ca for more information!

Join the Junior Lifeguard Club!

The Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) offers serious fun for children and youth 8-years-old and up. The Junior Lifeguard Club provides an action-packed challenge for kids who love the water but who want more than swimming lessons.

The JLC focuses on fun and developing skills using person-bests to determine achievement. You can get better at your swimming skills, lifesaving skills and fitness, leadership, and teamwork skills. You can also train for competitions, and work on special events.

Currently, the JLC is offered at the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg – Downtown Branch (Phone: 204-831-3280 or Email). Pools in Dauphin and Swan River may also be offering the program soon!


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The Lifesaving Society - Manitoba Branch has been saving lives for over 100 years through our training programs, Water Smart® public education, and drowning prevention research. We train all of the province's National Lifeguards.

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The Lifesaving Society is assisting the World Health Organization (WHO) to spread awareness in Canada of the first ever Global Report on Drowning; Preventing a Leading Killer. The report identifies drowning as a major public health issue and calls on the world’s nations to ramp up drowning prevention measures. Read the Lifesaving Society’s communique.

Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters

Proud to be a Core Member and the Secretariat for the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters.