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Updates to Affiliate Agreements and Price Lists

The Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch is revising all affiliate agreements and issuing a new price list for 2018.  All current affiliates were sent a package by email with a new Affiliate Agreement enclosed, and the new Price List for 2018. If you have any questions please contact Kevin Tordiffe, Operations Manager, or call 204-956-2124.

Manitoba Drowning Report Released

Lifesaving Society Canada and the Drowning Prevention Research Centre have released the 2017 Manitoba Drowning Report.

The report states that the highest drowning rate in Manitoba was found among children under the age of 5 and was the highest among any province in Canada. The second highest age group for drownings in Manitoba was ages 20-24, with 3.4 drownings per 100,000, a rate that is nearly double the national rate of 1.8 drownings per 100,000. Swimming, walking/running/playing near water, and boating remain leading causes of drownings in Manitoba and 96% of boating deaths were not wearing a Lifejacket.

Lifesaving Society Manitoba reminds Manitobans to manage your risk. Take a minute to evaluate the drowning risks you face each day, be it playing at the waterfront with kids, boating, or fishing.  Wear a lifejacket, supervise children, and remember that alcohol and boating or swimming do not mix.

Read the Manitoba Drowning Report Now!

National Drowning Prevention Week

Join us for National Drowning Prevention Week, July 16-22! More details – including an affiliate resource package – will be shared shortly, including messages to share with your friends, family, and community members.

The Lifesaving Society is assisting the World Health Organization (WHO) to spread awareness in Canada of the first ever Global Report on Drowning; Preventing a Leading Killer. The report identifies drowning as a major public health issue and calls on the world's nations to ramp up drowning prevention measures. Read the Lifesaving Society's communique.

Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters

Proud to be a Core Member and the Secretariat for the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters.