Strategic Framework


The Lifesaving Society’s Latin motto reflects all that we do: Quemcunque miserum videris hominem scias. In English: Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in him a fellow man.


The Lifesaving Society’s mission is to prevent drowning and water-related incidents for all Canadians by providing:

  • Lifesaving, lifeguarding, leadership education;
  • Public education.


The Lifesaving Society serves all Canadians by providing information and skills that promote safety in, on, and around water. The Society is the Canadian authority in aquatic lifesaving education and lifeguarding. The Society is a leader and partner in the delivery of water safety education in Canada and around the world.
In striving to reach its vision, the Society:

  • Maintains a strong foundation in research and collaborates with organizations working to advance safety education;
  • Demonstrates leadership and skills in strategic thinking and operational decision-making through its Board of Directors;
  • Ensures representation from all regions of Canada and facilitates the Society’s work and resource development in all regions;
  • Ensures each region of Canada is represented by strong Branches, which provide diverse and flexible delivery methods for program and public education.