Forms, Test Sheets & Policies

Last Updated December 17, 2017

All forms, test sheets, and policies for Lifesaving Society programs can be found below. If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

Test Sheets

Sample Test Sheet

The purpose of test sheets is to verify the candidates’ performance for each evaluated item, and the final results as pass or fail. Unless filled in electronically, all test sheets must be filled out in pen. The signed test sheets are legal documents that can be used in legal cases when proof of training and certification is required. The affiliate offering the Lifesaving Society program is responsible for submitting the appropriate test sheets and prerequisites to the Branch. Affiliates keep a copy of the original test sheets for their records.

Please consult our Test Sheet Resource Guide for how to properly fill in test sheets.

Manitoba Program Guide UPDATED

2016programguide-titlepageThe Manitoba Program Guide exists to provide aquatic facilities, instructors, examiners and instructor trainers with information regarding the policies and procedures for all programs available through the Manitoba Branch.
As the Manitoba Program Guide undergoes regular revision, please always refer to this website for the most current version. The latest edition was published December 18, 2017. A link to the Manitoba Program Guide is available at the top of every Toolkit page.

Download First!

Please download a copy of the test sheet you require to your computer and open it with an application such as Adobe Reader. You will not be able to save changes if you open the file in your web browser.