Executive Director Announcement

The Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Scott as Executive Director. “The Board is very excited to welcome Tom to our organization, as he brings a wealth of leadership, non-profit and media experience,” said Elizabeth Proskurnik, Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch Board Chair. “Not only will Tom be able to provide a fresh perspective, but also use his skills gained from other organizations to enhance our operations.”

Tom has an extensive background in media, communications, and non-profit sectors. He is active in the community having served on a number of committees and non-profit boards and currently sits on the board of Christmas Cheer Board.

“I am thrilled to be joining Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch,” said Tom Scott. “This organization has been the leader in providing water safety and related leadership programs throughout Manitoba for over 100 years. I am very proud to be a part of this great legacy which has contributed so much to our community.”

For more information, please contact Lorne Edwards, Media Coordinator by email.

New Radio Commercials

The Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch has partnered with radio stations around the province to deliver drowning prevention and public safety messages to all Manitobans. Messages are available in English, French, Cree, Ojibway, Tagalog, and Punjabi.

Global Report on Drowning

The Lifesaving Society is assisting the World Health Organization (WHO) to spread awareness in Canada of the first ever Global Report on Drowning; Preventing a Leading Killer. The report identifies drowning as a major public health issue and calls on the world's nations to ramp up drowning prevention measures.