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Rescue & Honour Awards

Our annual Rescue & Honour Awards Ceremony acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated significant acts of bravery that exemplify the spirit of the Lifesaving Society’s motto: “Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in them a fellow human being.”  We also recognize those individuals who have given their time and talents as volunteers to assist in the development of the Society and its drowning prevention mission.

We need your help to recognize these deserving individuals.  Do you know someone who has provided first aid or assisted someone in trouble in, on or around the water?  Do you know someone who volunteers their time to enhance drowning prevention?

Rescue Awards

If you know someone who has assisted in the saving of life from drowning, or a similar incident, they may be eligible for a Society Rescue Award.

Individuals who, without formal lifesaving training, attempted or conducted an outstanding water-related rescue are eligible to receive a Rescue Commendation.

Individuals who hold a Lifesaving Society certification, and who used the skills they obtained through that training, and who attempted or conducted a water-related rescue are eligible to receive the M.G. Griffiths Award.

Professional rescuers (firefighters, lifeguards, paramedics, police, etc.) involved in the saving of life in a water-related rescue while on-duty may be eligible for a Rescue Recognition Award.

Rescue Award Nomination

Manitoba Branch Honours

Instructors, lifeguards, organizations and volunteers active in Manitoba are eligible to be recognized with Manitoba Branch Honours.  Each year the Society recognizes individuals and organizations in Manitoba who assist our mission of prevention drownings.  Individuals may be eligible for a Certificate of Appreciation, Instructor of the Year Award, Lifeguard of the Year Award, or Jim McDiarmid Memorial Award.  Organizations that support the Society’s work may be eligible to receive a Certificate of Recognition.

Honour Award Nomination

Commonwealth Honours

As part of the Society’s membership in the worldwide Royal Life Saving Society, key volunteers and organizations supporting the Society’s work may be eligible for Commonwealth Honours.  Individuals and groups nominated for these honours normally contribute fifty or more hours of volunteer time to the Society each year, or otherwise make significant contributions to the work or outreach of the Society.