Manitoba Lifeguard Championship

Manitoba Lifeguard Championship

The annual Manitoba Lifeguard Championship pushes National Lifeguards to the max in challenging physical and technical events. A fun and competitive atmosphere, the Manitoba Lifeguard Championship brings together competitors, volunteers, and spectators for a memorable weekend of lifesaving sport.

Lifeguard Competitions 101

Lifeguard competitions are a great way to practice your skills with your friends in challenging situations. When else will you get the chance to practice treating victims in a simulated bus crash or marathon disaster?

Do my teammates and I have to be really good lifeguards? “Lifeguard championship” may sound daunting, but the event itself is not! Competitors range from brand-new National Lifeguards who want to enhance their training to experienced veterans who have competed nationally. You’ll find everyone involved to be extremely warm and inviting! If you’re not sure, recruit some friends and volunteer to get your feet wet.

Not sure what to expect? Our lifeguard competition crash course will answer some of your frequently asked questions. We can also connect you to experienced coaches who can offer training tips – contact us.

Did you know that Lifesaving Society Canada has a national team that travels to lifesaving sport competitions around the world?

MLC 2020

Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Location and further details TBA.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

We rely on volunteers to fill many key roles, including officiating, acting as victims, and helping with general set-up. Recruit your friends and colleagues – it’s always more fun to volunteer with a group!

Volunteering is also a great way to get a taste for what lifeguard competitions are like! In fact, many competitors began as volunteers.

Important Documents


  • 2019 – Winners: Halfway to the Pool
  • 2018 – Winners: Halfway to the Pool
  • 2017 – Winners: Halfway to the Pool
  • 2016 – Winners: Allie and the Pelzkugeln (2-Person Team Results)
  • 2015 – Winners: FAM Guards (2-Person Team Results)
  • 2012 – Winners: Final Authority
  • 2011 – Winners: Reverse & Ready
  • 2010 – Winners: Caution: Still Contains Nuts
  • 2009 – Winners: Caution: May Contain Nuts
  • 2008 – Winners: Thunder Bay