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Swim for Life & Lifesaving Instructor

The Lifesaving and Swim for Life Instructor program is a 44-hour course that trains participants to teach and evaluate Swim for Life and Swim Patrol programs, and teach and examine Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. The Successful participants will receive certification in both Swim for Life and Lifesaving Instructor.

Completion Criteria:

• Attend and participate in 100 % of the course.

• Successfully demonstrate competency in required skills, activities, and final evaluation.

Pre-Course Requirements:

• 15 years of age.

• Bronze Cross (or higher)

Next Lifesaving Level:

• National Lifeguard

The Lifesaving & Swim for Life Instructor Kit Instructor binder (approximately $144.90 – non-refundable), Canadian Lifesaving manual (approximate cost $ 50.40 -non-refundable) and a Leadership Kit are required for this course. Binders, manuals and kits are available for sale at the location where the course is being held.

The program includes classroom and water activities 100% attendance and participation are required.

Awards are mailed to successful participants by the Lifesaving Society. Certification of this award is for 2 years.