New Canadian approach to First Aid and CPR Guidelines

For the first time, Canada’s leading first aid and CPR training agencies have joined together to release a single evidence-based set of recommendations on training and standards of practice for first aid and CPR.

2016 Canadian First and CPR Guidelines

The Canadian Guidelines Consensus Task Force was established in 2015 and with members being the Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, and the Canadian Ski Patrol. The Canadian Guidelines Consensus Task Force was constituted to review the consensus on science behind first aid and resuscitation protocols.

International recommendations for resuscitation and first aid are currently updated on a five-year cycle to reflect recent advances in clinical research. The Lifesaving Society contributes research and reviews scientific evidence through the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth and International Life Saving Federation.

It is important to note that first aid programs have not changed at this time. The Lifesaving Society is in the process of incorporating these guidelines into program content and more information will be released to affiliate delivery partners and instructors once Lifesaving Society programs have been updated. The document below highlights some of the changes you may see incorporated.

Release letter

Highlights of the Canadian Consensus Guidelines on First and CPR 2016