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New Staff Announcement

Alex Carriere - New Special Projects Officer

Lifesaving Society Manitoba is pleased to announce that our new Special Projects Officer is Alexandra Carriere.  Alex joins us after many years working at pools across western Canada.   When we asked her to describe herself, this is what she had to say:

“I have a passion to share my knowledge and help others grow within the aquatic recreation sector.  I have had opportunities to gain years of experience in teaching, public education, supervisory and managerial roles.  I find joy having the ability to guide members of the community to make water smart choices every day.

I have had the pleasure of working individually and within a team to develop strategies to better communities and aquatic recreation facilities to be smart and safe in and around water.  With a unique perspective on operations in both Manitoba & Alberta, having the hands-on experience from working at over 20 different aquatic facilities and waterfronts in both private and public environments, I am excited to share my knowledge within my new role.

In my personal time I enjoy spending time outdoors with her dog Hudson. Whether it be hiking, canoeing, or swimming, I love going on adventures with her best furry friend by her side.

I may be guilty of accidently inhaling a bit too much chlorine because to me, aquatic recreation and safety is more than a job – it’s a way of life.”

Welcome aboard Alex!