National Lifeguard Recertifications

National Lifeguard RecertificationLike all Lifesaving Society certifications, National Lifeguard is current for two years. After that point, you must recertify to maintain your lifeguard qualification.

With the 2012 revisions to National Lifeguard, recertifications have been standardized across the country. Check out the new physical standards in the video below. Most importantly, practice! Get together regularly with your coworkers and supervisors to review your National Lifeguard skills.
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What do I have to do at a National Lifeguard Pool recertification?

The purpose of a National Lifeguard recertification is to reconfirm that National Lifeguards can perform at the NL standard. You should practice with your coworkers and on your own regularly. At the exam, you will show the examiner a number of mandatory skills, listed below and explained in detail in the National Lifeguard Award Guide, available from our office. Recertifications are a minimum of 4 hours.

See What’s New for Recertifying Lifeguards

This video, produced by the Ontario Branch, introduces the new National Lifeguard physical standards. You will have to demonstrate the object recovery, sprint challenge, and endurance challenge at your National Lifeguard Pool recertification.

Common Questions

Are the new physical standards hard?

The revised National Lifeguard program puts additional emphasis on physical fitness, which is a cornerstone of lifeguards’ job responsibilities, enabling them to remain vigilant, attentive, and alert to signs of potential trouble and to respond safely and confidently in an emergency. The physical standards ensure National Lifeguards have the strength and endurance required for their jobs. Lifeguards should make physical fitness a priority.

How long is the endurance challenge?

The endurance challenge, sometimes referred to as a “timed swim,” requires lifeguards to demonstrate their aerobic fitness by swimming 400 m in 10 min (400 yd. in 9:10 min.).

What should I bring to my recertification?

Bring your National Lifeguard award card or the printout from Find-a-Member. You will also need a whistle, bathing suit, towels, and goggles (recommended). Get lots of rest – it will be an exciting and demanding day!

If my National Lifeguard award has expired, can I still recertify?

As long as you have held the National Lifeguard award and have proof of certification (see above), you are eligible for a recertification. If a significant length of time has passed since your last recertification or award (e.g. 10 years), you may find a recertification challenging.