Safety Management Services

Keep your aquatic facility safe with the Lifesaving Society’s suite of Safety Management Services. We publish safety standards, offer facility inspections and audits, and train aquatic supervisors and managers. Contact us for more information and share our Safety Management Services brochure.

Safety Standards

The Lifesaving Society is recognized as a leader in developing standards for activities in, on and around water. Through its Safety Standards Commission, the Society sets national aquatic environment standards and clarifies existing provincial/territorial regulations.

Lifesaving Society Canada’s National Safety Standards are developed using Coroners’ recommendations, the latest evidence-based research, and reflect the aquatic industry’s best practices at the time the publication was approved or revised. The purpose of these standards is to encourage swimming pool, waterpark and waterfront owners, managers, operators and regulators to adopt these standards in order to prevent drownings in aquatic environments.

The general, swimming pool, and waterfront standards are published online through Lifesaving Society Canada.

Facility Inspections and Audits

Supervision Evaluation & Enhancement (SEE) Audit

A Supervision Evaluation & Enhancement (SEE) Audit is a targeted evaluation of how your lifeguard staff perform their safety supervision duties. One staff member is observed at a time during a given evaluation session. As part of a performance review, you can arrange for some or all of your staff to be evaluated. SEE Audits are conducted by certified SEE Auditors.

Safety Inspection

A Safety Inspection is an inspection of the facility’s physical structure and operation, conducted by a Lifesaving Society certified inspector. The inspection process is conducted using checklists developed by the Society and which focus on the facility’s adherence to local regulations, industry best practices, and Society safety guidelines.

Comprehensive Safety Audit

A Comprehensive Safety Audit is a comprehensive review of an aquatic facility’s physical structure, general safety, operating procedures, staffing arrangements, facility management practices related to safety, and other operational practices, procedures, and operating standards that may pertain to safe operation of the facility. It includes a Facility Safety Inspection and may include SEE Audits of staff. Audits are conducted by a team of certified auditors appointed by the Lifesaving Society.

Safety Management Training

SEE Auditor Training

This 4-hour course trains an experienced lifeguard or supervisor to conduct Supervision Evaluation & Enhancement (SEE) Audits of aquatic facilities and staff. See more in the course overview.

Aquatic Supervisor Training

This 10-hour course is targeted for deck-level supervisory staff. Topics covered during the course will include the roles and responsibilities of aquatic supervisors, accident prevention, facility management, motivation of staff, and skills for planning, organizing, and programming in aquatic venues. See more in the course overview.

Aquatic Management Training

This 8-hour course is targeted at recreation professionals who are responsible for overseeing the operation of aquatic facilities. Topics covered during the course will include the roles and responsibilities of aquatic facility managers, aquatic risk management, staff training, and the operation of a safe aquatic environment. See more in the course overview.

Additional and Specialized Services

The Society provides consultation on a wide variety of aquatic safety topics. Examples of such services include the review of facility plans and blueprints prior to construction, the review of accident data, an audit of one specific feature within a facility, and report writing. If you are interested in one of these services, please contact the Society for more details.