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Last Updated August 21, 2019

Lifesaving Society Manitoba affiliate members deliver our training programs and bring Water Smart® public education to their community members. Anyone can become an affiliate. Find out how.

Affiliate Support

Kathy Plett is Lifesaving Society Manitoba’s program coordinator and can provide information and advice to affiliates about programming Society courses.

Manitoba Program Guide

The Manitoba Program Guide provides aquatic facilities, instructors, examiners and trainers with the Branch’s policies and procedures for all our programs. Please always refer to this website for the most current version, as the guide undergoes regular revision. The latest edition was published in April 2019.

Instructor Development Program

Effective September 1, 2018, Lifesaving Society Manitoba has seats available in National Lifeguard Instructor courses and Trainer Clinics as part of the new Instructor Development Program for affiliates. Active affiliates (corporate or independent) can apply to the program.

  • The program covers the cost of course registration only. It does not cover accommodations, meals, or travel costs for candidates.
  • Sponsored candidates must still meet all of the required course pre-requisites for the program in question.
  • Sponsored candidates will be responsible for having and/or purchasing up to date versions of all literature and resources that are part of the pre-requisites for the program in question.
  • Affiliates may submit more than one program application for a given course, but final decisions on which candidates are accepted for entry under the program are entirely at the discretion of the Lifesaving Society Manitoba.
  • Lifesaving Society Manitoba reserves the right to amend or cancel the terms of this program at any time.

Download the Application Form. Please direct questions to program coordinator Kathy Plett.

Post Job and Course Listings

Active affiliates can post jobs and courses for free on our website’s most popular features: Find-a-Course and Find-a-Job. Please email us with your job or course listing requests.


Water Smart® Public Education Guide

Become an Affiliate

Any individual, facility, club or organization can become an affiliate member of the Branch. Affiliates pay an annual fee for access to the Branch’s services. Affiliates are entitled to:

  • Offer Lifesaving Society programs
  • The processing and issuing of Lifesaving Society program awards
  • A copy of the Manitoba Program Guide
  • Technical assistance from Lifesaving Society representatives for instructors, lifeguards, and programmers as available through the Branch
  • Promotional and educational literature, including test sheets, posters, brochures and program marketing material as available through the Branch
  • Aquatic Safety Management tools and resources
  • Aquatic Safety Audits/Inspections
  • A resource library and network of professionals that specializes in aquatics
  • Promotion and advertising of courses and job postings as available through the Branch
  • Various Branch communications including the newsletter, affiliate mail-outs and drowning reports
  • Notification of upcoming Branch events
  • Cast one vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Branch