Use Technology to Engage Today’s Candidates

We can’t effectively teach today’s candidates with yesterday’s approaches. Today’s National Lifeguard & Lifesaving Instructor candidates spend little time away from their phones and devices. They are highly connected. In fact, most have never lived without smart phones, mp3 players, text messaging, and the Internet. Technology defines them.

Effective instruction meets the needs of each candidate. While much of what we do still gets the desired results, instructors should update their toolkits to engage the iGeneration.


One available tool Remind101. This service allows you to communicate via text message to a group. You sign up, create a class, allow people to join your class, and send reminders or messages to the members of that class. Currently very popular in K-12 education, Remind101 has lots of uses in your aquatics courses.

For example, on the first day of your course, you invite your candidates to join the Remind101 class you’ve set up. They simply text a code to the local number generated by Remind101. When people join your “class,” their phone number remains private. Candidates can’t see your phone number, and you can’t see theirs. It’s a safe and secure one-way system.

Then, when there’s a last-minute pool/classroom switch, when you remember you forgot to tell candidates to bring extra clothes, or when you want to remind your candidates about their really important assignment, you send the class a message through Remind101 to share that info instantly. You could even send a reassuring good-luck message the day before their National Lifeguard exam.

Learn about more great features and sign up today.