Water Smart® Program for EAL Students

publiced_eal The Lifesaving Society – Manitoba Branch’s Water Smart® Program for EAL Students caters to the learning needs of New Canadians and English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners.

The 45- or 60-minute presentation is a classroom education session on water safety, which includes a slideshow presentation with interactive elements. A certified Lifesaving Instructor or a knowledgeable individual with experience in water safety facilitates the session. The presentation was reviewed by Jenny Davin and Cynthia Stewart of the Government of Manitoba.

Participants learn:

  • The definition of drowning and who is at risk
  • How to properly supervise children around the water
  • The existence of Lifeguards and Beach Safety Officers and the role they play at pools and beaches
  • The meaning of the signs posted at Provincial Park beaches
  • Dangerous places and activities around the water
  • Basic instruction in safe water rescues

EAL instructors are provided ahead of time with a copy of both the presentation and a list of vocabulary used in the presentation in order to prepare their classes. Various Lifesaving Society Water Smart® publications are also provided to each group. Finally, lifejackets (PFDs) and various rescue aids are used during the presentations to facilitate student comprehension.

To book a presentation or for more information, please contact the Water Smart® coordinator.