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Swim to Survive®

The Swim to Survive standard represents the minimum skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into water. French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, and Portuguese Swim to Survive videos are also available.With all the water in Canada, minimum swimming ability is a required life skill for survival. Learning to swim is the most immediate and effective way to prevent drowning and water-related injury.

Simple, straightforward and focused, the Canadian Swim to Survive Standard defines the essential minimum skills required to survive an unexpected fall into water and forms the basis for the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life swimming program.

The Swim to Survive® Standard has received international attention and significant interest from injury prevention experts in Europe, Australia and in the United States.

Swim to Survive Standard

  • Roll into water– Orient yourself at the surface after an unexpected entry
  • Tread water for 1 minute– Support yourself at the surface and get your bearings
  • Swim for 50 metres– Using any method of propulsion, swim to safety