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The Lifesaving Society Manitoba Toolkit is your one-stop resource for teaching and evaluating Lifesaving Society programs. The Toolkit includes lesson plans, handouts, and other resources to help you and your candidates find success.

Toolkit & Program Updates

Lifesaving Society Programs & COVID-19

Lifesaving Society Manitoba is committed to the health and safety of our members, volunteers, and the public. Due to the evolving situation surrounding the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 in Manitoba the Society is issuing guidance for Affiliates, Instructors and Trainers currently running Lifesaving Society programs. Please review the Information Bulletin and ensure it is implemented in all of your training courses.

Revised First Aid Programs

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health has adopted the Canadian Standards Association’s guidelines for first aid training (CSA Z1210-17). This has resulted in changes to course programming, content, and performance evaluation for first aid courses. There are no updates or revision clinics that Instructors and Trainers must do. Instructors and Trainers must familiarize themselves with the new policies content before teaching a course. All Trainers must include the new policies and content when teaching Lifesaving and First Aid Instructor courses or recertifications.

All relevant information is found on the First Aid & CPR page of the Toolkit.

Affiliates may begin programming the new changes for First Aid programs now. All first aid courses must be programmed and taught with the 2019 policies and content by May 31, 2019.